About Me


I first started my on-line shop when the oil & gas company I worked for many years went through another reorganization and dissolved hundreds of positions during Covid -- mine was one of them.  It was at that point I made a conscious decision to step out on faith to pursue a business of my own and be the master of my own destiny.  Job security is a thing of the past and having someone else control and sign my paycheck was no more when it resonated that I have the power within to control my destiny.  It's certainly been a journey -- making mistakes through this journey and being careful not to repeat but learning an awful lot along the way.  I enjoy what I do when I can create, and design unique products, like Jewelry, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Mugs, Blankets just to name a few, inspire and share my creations and designs for others to enjoy.

As I continue this journey, I am very grateful to Shopify, Etsy, etc. for helping me to fulfill my dreams of having a small business and being more independent in my daily life.  Although I am still a long way away, I hope you will come along for the ride as I continue growing my small business.  New products are added continuously to my online store as well as Etsy.

I hope you enjoy my products when you visit my store at https://www.cherishedgiftstore.com/.  More importantly, always offering the best quality of products and customer service.

I am the best me there is.  Always following a dream and knowing that God will always be with me.

My sincerest wishes to all and Thank You All in Advance.